For when you are just looking for bartenders, waiters/waitresses and assistants

Easy Bar Cocktail Catering Staff are highly trained, and will offer top quality service, with professionalism.
We cover all areas of a Drinks Catering service,
and possess an endless amount of Bar Staff, Cleaners & Drink/Food prep staff to cater for any occasion.

We provide a simple, easy and effective drinks catering service with the staff, bar tools, equipment, tables and Mobile Bar’s to go.

Our Bar Staff Hire Package, is a great option for those looking to provide all of the drinks.

With this package option, we will come to your event equipped with everything that you would need, for our Mobile Bar, with all of the bar-tools and equipment provided for the event.


Get a Waiter and/or Waitress.

You will receive helping hands that will make your day and/or evening an easy blast.

Request as many workers as you would like, to cater for a busy, and thirsty crowd.

We can provide males and females on request to cater to the event, and ensure all guests are being attended to. You will be in expert hands, with great people with incredibly friendly personalities.

Our Bar Staff come with thorough hospitality experience.

Cocktail Bar.jpg

Equip yourself with a Bartender, or multiple.

There is a minimum cost for hiring Bar Staff.

There will be a cocktail mixologist readily available for your event with Easy Bar Cocktail Catering.

If you supply the booze, we can supply the bartender that will know exactly what to do.

Our Bartenders come equipped with Cocktail shakers, strainers, stirrers and other essential bar equipment to ensure a stress-free and fun event.

It's important that the Host has fun too.

Easy Bar Corporate Catering.png

Formal assistance.
Drink, food prep & bar-back staff available.

We offer an organised, highly presented catering assistants.

Our formal attire is on request. Our formal attire is a black shirt with or without a tie. Please request what you are after. Otherwise; we come in our Easy Bar tea, t-shirts, or collared short sleeve shirts.

We send out staff with copious amounts of corporate catering experience, to be able to make your day and/or evening a shining success.