Our Beverages Offered

At Easy Bar, we strive to exceed customer expectations, and to meet all quotes and request expectations.
We understand that every get together, event or function may be different in nature.

We have created an array of beverage packages for you to select from.

House & Premium options are available. We have exactly what you need.

From the fruity & fresh, to the plain & simple.

Ask us about our Cocktails, Beer, Ale, Wine, Spirits, Sparkling Wine, Champagne & more.

We have a wide range of cocktails available, and brands in store for your upcoming event.



We offer completely tailored packages, where our organisers don’t have to do a thing.


Easy Bar Cocktail Catering & Bar Staff Hire offer a very well structured and designed menu, to meet the needs of your guests.

Just ask what it is that you would like!

Our packages can include:

- A selection of House Beer
- A selection of Premium Beer
- A selection of White and Red wine
- A selection of Sparkling wine
- Spirits; Vodka, Scotch, Bourbon, Gin, Rum & many more options
- Soft Drink, Bottled Water & Fresh Juice


Ask the team today about what you are after, exactly.

We provide a Comprehensive list of drinks for you to select from.

From Beer, Wine, Spirits, Ale, Sparkling Wine, Soft Drink, Juice, Bottled Water & Cocktails.

How easy is that?
Well, when we organise it all for you it is!

Licensed Bartenders, Waiters, Waitresses and Bar Staff
Our Mobile Cocktail Bar
A complete service; including pack up & pack down of all equipment
barware, glassware, plasticware & other equipment