We travel anywhere

Our licensed, trained and experience Bartenders, Waiter and Waitresses will travel to you equipped with our highly professional and immaculate Mobile Cocktail Bar.

We will set this up at your home, at corporate events, festivals, expo's, you name it.

Easy Bar will provide the staff numbers and equipment required for your day and/or evening.

What do we do?

We serve the finest selection of cocktails to your home, venue, warehouse or corporate event. We do this anywhere that our organisers like.
We come to you with a team of Easy Bar professional bartenders, bar staff, flair bartenders, waiters, waitresses.
We supply the staff that are required for the event.

We have a mobile, and very portable bars, that are enchanting, and engaging. Our Mobile Smart Bar's are equipped with LED Light Bar's that look a treat at any event.


Visual Advertising offered

Let us know what you would like advertised on the front of our bar, and we will have a simple, clean and effective design printed.

Our team of vinyl and graphic design specialists will bring the front of our Mobile Cocktail Bar into an advertisement billboard, to bring lots of attraction to the bar, for your tailored event.


Easy Bar Cocktail Catering & Bar Hire takes care of it all

We pack up and pack down everything, so there is no stress on what you have organised. We take care of it.

All items are inclusive of our booking fee. There are no further payments to make post booking fee & drinks payment.

Mobile and easy

We operate with a black and white design stainless steel Mobile Cocktail Bar that is so versatile, that we can just about position ourselves anywhere.

Leave us enough for room for two small tables, glass ware, and other small equipment items, and we are ready to serve delicious and refreshing cocktails.



For a better celebration experience,

speak with us today.

We have designed a mobile cocktail bar hire service which includes everything you need to host a cocktail party; the drinks, glassware, equipment, a mobile cocktail bar, cocktail bartenders, delivery, clean up and all the other little bits and pieces that you really don't want to have to think about!

Our mobile cocktail bar brings everything directly to you at your location of choice, allowing for professional cocktail party catering at a wide range of venues and events including outdoor weddings, bucks parties, parties at home in private settings and cocktail catering for corporate events and product launches.

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