We love a great party

That is why we do not stop at drinks service.

Although an un-matchable drinks service was initially our area of expertise, we have been providing add-ons for years to our organisers Victoria wide.

Our scope of equipment hire service extends into an Easy Bar team full of knowledgeable and helpful staff, that will do what it takes to provide you with your celebratory events whats and needs.

Easy Bar - Marquee Hire.jpg

Marquee Hire

The perfect addition to any outdoor event. Large indoor venues are also welcome to have our Marquee’s setup.

Providing you and your guests with fantastic weather cover and shade, this will draw a crowd to our Bar Staff on any given day, regardless of weather.

Easy Bar - Fairy Lights Hire.jpg

Fairy Light Hire

This is a lovely add-on, that turns any basic set-up into a party oasis. When the sun goes down, and the fairy lights come out, it is remarkable how party-ready and friendly a property can look.

Easy Bar - Lawn Grass.jpg

Synthetic Lawn Hire

Walking into any celebration where synthetic lawn is present, immediately makes you feel like you are in a place where the food & drinks are plenty, and that you can immediately relax into your surrounding, as the property or hired venue now feels like a small beach has been hired for the day or evening.
A similar (but cleaner) experience than walking around on a beautiful sandy beach with your closest friends and family.