Booking Deposits
All initial bookings are subject to a 20-40% deposit, depending on the location, booking number and drinks associated.
This deposit secures the booking, staff, mobile bar, preparation and associated services required for the hosts or payee's function or event.
A minimum/security deposit is always required. (Unless quoted or specified otherwise)
This can be paid via direct deposit, or credit card.

If written confirmation (in the form of a completed booking form and signed terms and conditions) and deposit is not received, Easy Bar Drinks Caterers reserves the right to release the booking.


Final Payment
Final payment for the event includes the total cost for Easy Bar services, as per Easy Bar's quotation to the event payee, or payees.
This also include any parking fees, or any other fees charged at Easy Bar's expense.

A final payment is to be received by Easy Bar via direct deposit or credit card payment no less than 10 days prior to the event.

We also have the right to select any another payment agreement via phone or email.
Easy Bar partner with Square in receiving payments pre, intra & post event via our work phone or tablet.
Easy Bar can authorise that payment be taken at the end of a Payee(s) event.
Customised payment term agreements from Payee(s) can be accepted in some circumstances.

Cash and Direct Deposit Bonds
The deposit paid at time of booking, is used as a bond for the event, and is apart of the total cost of our services.


Function Detail Confirmation
To ensure that Easy Bar cater appropriately for correct numbers, menus and requirements, and beverage arrangements, the host/organiser/payee must discuss full details no less then 14 days prior to the event start date.  Final numbers must be confirmed via email or phone call to Easy Bar no less then 10 days for the party unless otherwise indicated. Minimum group numbers must be met. Should guests that have paid on the night not turn up, monies for these non attendees will not be refunded.  Late attendees are accepted in certain circumstances, however Easy Bar must be notified no less then 24 hours to the function.

Once final payment is received, no refunds are permitted, should guests pull out of their attendance prior to the event.

Broken / missing Glassware
Should any damages, or breakages should occur to the catering equipment, including glassware, platters or any other equipment the cost of the replacing the broken, stolen or lost item will be invoiced to the host/organiser(s).
Should glass(es) be found following Easy Bar departure, Easy Bar will not pay for the glassware to be returned to our warehouse & office. Clients will be required to return the glass(es) themselves at their own expense.
The fee for broken glass, is $9 per glass.

Any associated parking fee’s will be billed to the Payee(s) of the event, post-event.
Whether it be due to Easy Bar Staff delay, un-clear parking signs, not having a permit to park in particular spot(s), the Host(s)/Payee(s) decide to extend Easy Bar’s service which resulted in the fine, or for any other reason resulting in a payment being requested of Easy Bar, or Easy Bar Staff, due to Parking.


Cancellation Policy
 Please note any monies paid to Easy Bar will not be refunded until after the original date of the event/function booking. For events cancelled less than 28 days prior to the function date, no monies will be refunded, regardless of reason IE wedding/event cancelled. Once final payment has been received no refunds are permitted, no exceptions.  For all cancellations regardless of time frame, a $100 administration fee applies upon cancellation.  As you can understand we run a company and when you cancel an event that means some other client could have had that date. We have overheads and whilst we are mobile we do operate like any other venue or function center with same cancellation policies.